Once an order has been checked and payment details have been approved then the order status will change to 'Processing'  - at that point, our fulfillment guys, Mark & John, can print off your order and get it packed. 

If your order is 'On Hold' or 'Suspected Fraud' then it just means we are awaiting manual approval from the anti-fraud people. Generally, 'Suspect Fraud' means that the card and delivery address do not match, this is not a problem but we do just have to do a couple of extra security checks & may give you a call to confirm your details.

This should take no more than 2-3 hours.

If you are paying by phone or by Bank Transfer then orders are placed On Hold until payment is received.

You can login to your account on our website and see the status of your orders any time you wish - just Login and press My Account, then follow the links to My Orders.