Full photo fitting guide available from link at bottom of this page.

Our curtain kits are pretty straight forward to fit and should only require an electric drill and screw driver.

Each kit will be marked for the appropriate window and each curtain rail should say either TOP or BOTTOM. The rails are pre-bent to fit in the window opening and will only fit correctly the right way round.

1. Hold the top rail up in place to where it best matches the curves of the opening. 

2. Mark the screw holes with a marker pen.

3. Remove the rail and centre punch the holes if you have one (use a nail otherwise) to make the drill start easier.

4. Drill out each hole with a 2.5mm metal bit (do a test hole first and try a screw to make sure it grabs)

5. Screw the rail on and repeat for the bottom rail.

6. Thread the curtains onto the rails - they are quite stretchy and need a little effort.

7. With both curtains on the rails you just need to put the correct end stops in the rails by drilling and screwing again.

8. If you want to use the poppers to secure to the side walls just drill and screw them on.

Job Done!