Fitting Instructions

There's a video showing the operation of the Trafic / Vivaro double seat swivel here:

**Download pdf instruction in English / French / German / Spanish / Italian at end of page**

  1. Disconnect the wiring to the seat belt tensioners by unplugging the connector below the seat (Remember to slide out the yellow latch on the connector!).
  2. Free the incoming wires where they are attached to the seat frame.
  3. Undo the four large-headed screws securing the seat assembly to the floor of the van. Do not worry about the fifth screw, which is inaccessible - the seat will slide away from it when the other screws are removed.
  4. Pull the seat towards the front door opening to free it from the last screw and then lift it into the rear of the van (No need to disconnect the seat belt).
  5. Now unscrew the last large-headed seat mounting screw from the floor of the van. Note that it is different from the other four. Keep all five screws for reuse in step 9.
  6. The swivel will partially cover your battery compartment lid so it might be worth loosening the back two bolts for the cover plate, that way you could still get to the front two and remove it if you ever need access and dont want to have to remove the seat!
  7. Prepare the van floor mountings to take the swivel assembly as follows;
    Vivaro double seat swivel fitting
    • Remove components B,C and D from the right back screw position.
    • Take component E from the centre back screw position and put it in the right back position.
    • Put components B,C and D in the centre back position but first cut the projection off component B so that it just becomes a large flat washer.


    (This change-around of components is to allow the ‘stepped’ screw A to be reused for securing the right back corner of the swivel assembly).

  8. Put the swivel assembly in the van with the stiffened flanges to the back and the safety label to the front. Ensure that the seat belt tensioner wiring comes out under the left side.
  9. Secure it in place using the original five large-headed screws from step 5. Remember to put the ‘odd’ one at the right back corner and make sure that the components underneath the swivel are aligned so that the screw goes right down into place. Unlock and rotate the top plate as necessary to gain access to the screw holes.
  10. Check that the top plate can rotate freely.
  11. Re-secure the top plate with the Safety Information label to the front and the reinforced flange to the back.
  12. Remove the nuts and washers from the seat mounting screws on the top plate and carefully lift the seat into position. Taking care not to damage the knobs in the process.
  13. Secure the seat in place with the nuts and washers provided.
  14. Reconnect the wiring to the seat belt tensioners.



Operating Instructions


Rotating the Seat to Face the Rear

  1. Unplug the seat belt tensioner wiring below the seat and make sure that the wires will stay clear of the mechanism when the seat is rotated.
  2. Unscrew the four locking screws and secure them in the raised position (By pulling up and twisting as if removing a light bulb).
  3. Position yourself behind the seat and grasp it at each side, at or below cushion level.
  4. Push it forward and to the left as far as it will go.
  5. Rotate it clockwise until it is facing the rear (Note: The seat belt will extend automatically and position itself behind the seat).
  6. Adjust its position and secure it with the two locking screws at the front of the seat. (It is not necessary to use the two screws behind the seat when it is in this position)


Rotating the Seat to Face the Front

  1. Repeat the above but rotate the seat in the anti-clockwise direction.
  2. Secure the seat with all four locking screws (Remember to engage all of them before tightening them up).
  3. Reconnect the wiring to the seat belt tensioners.